Instruction and Coaching

United States Regional Training Centers

High Tech Bowling Training Centers with supurb coaches on staff.

Florida - Kegel Training Center

Texas - International Training and Research Center

Michigan - Turbo Tech

Find a Coach through USBC Coaching

Instructor Websites and Facebook Pages

Many of the following websites include instruction and lesson archives that are free to read and download to your tablet or phone.

On demand coaching videos by the best bowling coaches in the world at the USBC Bowling Academy

USBC Gold Coach Bill Spigner at

PBA Coach Mark Baker directing instruction at Camp Bakes

USBC Super Gold Coach Ron Hoppe and USBC Silver Coaches Diandra Asbaty and Jason Belmonte at The International Art of Bowling

Next Level Bowling by USBC and PBA champion Norm Duke

Peak Performance Bowling by Collegiate, USBC and PBA champion Mike Shady

USBC Gold Coach Susie Minshew at Strike Ability

USBC Gold Coach Joe Slowinski at Bowling Knowledge

PBA Coach Ron Clifton at Bowl 4 Fun

Psychology for Elite Performance by Dr. Eugenia M. Kolasinski

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